Blog 9: EdTech 541: Final Class Reflection

Part 1: Final Reflection

In this class, I learned exactly what the class title (Integrating Technology into the Classroom Curriculum) promises – how to integrate technology into the classroom curriculum. Although the premise of educational technology degree revolves around this idea, the projects I have completed during this semester allowed me to learn a very practical implementation of technology in a classroom.

This class has helped me to grow professionally by making me find appropriate reasons for the use of technology. Each week, I got to read scholarly articles and research in order to justify and support my choice of technology. This changed my perspective on how I choose and use technology and gave me a better understanding of the importance of research.

Before taking this class, the only technologies I used in my Cultural Studies class were Google collaborative tools and an LMS. This semester, however, I had to really stretch myself to find technology from other areas that enhanced and redefined the way I will teach Cultural Studies class from now on.

In EdTech 541, I showed mastery of Standards 1 (Content Knowledge) and 2 (Content Pedagogy), specifically 1.1 (creating), 1.2 (using), 2.1 (creating), and 2.2 (using). I have also demonstrated my proficiency in Standard 5 (Research).

Part 2: Blog Evaluation

I would evaluate my blogging effort in the following manner:

Content – Proficient (60 points)

Writing is not my favorite pastime, so at times, I struggled with consistency of my writing and clarity of proposed ideas.

Readings and Resources – Outstanding (20 points)

I completed all my readings and included them in my blog posts. APA style was used to cite references.

Timeliness – Outstanding (20 points)

I published blog posts and comments on time.

Responses to Other Students – Proficient (25 points)

Although I made all necessary comments, the content of some of my comments was not substantial.